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Integrated system combining hardware and software of ScreenX Solution

ScreenX is the first in the world to combine multi-projection technology with theater screen and project images on the outside wall of the front screen to create a new immersion experience for the audience. The ScreenX team has developed an integrated system, ScreenX Solution, that combines hardware and software, based on CGV's expertise in theater systems, operation and installation know-how, and user experience analysis capabilities. ScreenX Solution is a technology that synchronizes all the functions from screening DB analysis to image correction, playback and management, and synchronizes them with existing digital cinema system.



Our Screen X projects include:

2019 Screen X: <Gemini Man>

2019 Screen X: <Shanghai Fortress>

2019 Screen X: <Annabelle Comes Home>

2019 Screen X: <The Curse of La Llorona>

2019 Screen X: <The Pegasus>

2018 Screen X: <Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald>

2018 Screen X: <Hello, Mrs Money>

2018 Screen X: <The Meg>

2018 Screen X: <Ant-Man and the Wasp>

2018 Screen X: <Rampage>

2018 Screen X: <Black Panther>

2017 Screen X: <Kings man: The Golden Circle>

2017 Screen X: <King Arthur: Legend of the Sword>

2017 Screen X: <The Great Wall>

2017 Screen X: <Wu Kong>

2017 Screen X: <The Thousand Faces of Dunjia>

2016 Screen X: <Chinese Odyssey 3>

2016 Screen X: <Call of Hero>

2016 Screen X: <Jupiter Ascending>

2015 Screen X: <The Himalayas>

2015 Screen X: <Odysseo>

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